Introducing Cyber Web Tools

Desktop application and Chrome extension to analysis your website security.

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Cyber Web Tools is the leading software application and chrome extension for web security testing. Thousands of developers/testers use Cyber Web Tools to find web security loopholes before it’s too late. It has high ease of use. It can be used as a scanner or interceptor to automate the security test of the website. It can easily detect most common vulnerabilities.



It takes a snapshot of the active web page. It provides two options by which you can either capture full screen web page or capture portion of a web page by selecting the required portion.



It estimate the input fields with details of the active web page and provides filtration on it. These input fields further categories in form wise. Input details are Id, name, tag name, type, value.



It include tools by which you can perform security testing of a web application. Some of testing tools are Cross Site Request Forgery, Http Only, Cookie Editor, Web Cache Viewer, Session Timeout.


Proxy Setting

It configure the proxy setting of the browser. You can use the system's proxy settings or configure proxy settings manually. Changing proxy settings has never been so convenient and reliable.


Web Streaming

It observe and analyze web request traffic. You can see the header and body of request generated by browser. There is no need to integrate any software to analyze web request traffic.


Web Scanner

It scan web applications, normally from the outside, to look for security vulnerabilities. It can easily detect most common vulnerabilities. It performs scans and tells where the vulnerability exists.

Cyber Web tools

Desktop Application

This version of Cyber Web Tools is a cross platform desktop application. It includes Cyber Web Server to scan HTTP methods, Web Interceptor to check Session Hijacking, Web Port Scanner to scan Ports of the website and Web Site Crawler to spider the URLs of the website.

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Cyber Web tools

Chrome Extension

This version of Cyber Web Tools is a chrome extension. It includes Snapshot to take snapshot of web page, Estimation to estimate input filelds of web page, OWASP tools, Proxy Setting to configure browser proxy setting, Web Streaming to observe and analyze web request traffic and Web Scanner to scan website security loopholes.

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  • “I have never imaged that we can gather the input fields and form details of the web page with one click but you guys make it possible. You made it so simple. It enable me to remove unwanted input fields on my website which was never used. Thanks, guys!”

    — Steve Vranyes

  • “Cyber web tools has been a great tool for us. It is easy to use, clear and transparent. Web site crawler tool allows me to trace the internal links on a website including links which are not visible on front end. The speed of crawling is great.”

    — Jony Edwards

Cyber Web Tools

Desktop application and Chrome extension to analysis your website security.

Desktop Application Chrome extension